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MICHAEL’S E.ARTH: This is how things would be on my planet

E.arth is the honesty planet. Government is open and honest so it creates a more perfect union, and builds trust among people and nations.

On E.arth, the Earth is sacred. This is true for me even I though I follow no religion, and I take all dogmas metaphorically. We protect the land, the forests and the sea for current and future generations.

On E.arth, principles are above party and that is why I belong to no party.

On E.arth, we have a representative democracy so that government can be of, by, and for the people. We have ranked choice voting and proportional representation so there are no spoilers, no gerrymanders, and no vote strategizing. Elections are fair, and they cannot be bought because there are no paid lobbyists, no private campaign financing, and no campaign ads. There are no 527s or PACs. All candidates on E.arth get an informational website where candidates are required to put all the information that voters need to know. Debates are required of all candidates. Votes are publicly counted. Because of these things, the system attracts good leaders, instead of scoundrels, and we can trust them with our government.

On E.arth, there is zero or negative population growth, instead of 225,000 more people being added every day and contributing to immigration problems, pollution and struggles over dwindling resources. An ever-expanding base of consumers is not desirable on E.arth, because our economy is sustainable.

On E.arth, the thin layer of atmosphere that envelopes the Earth is kept sweet and clean. We don’t overheat the air with greenhouse gases and spoil it with noxious gases and chemicals.

On E.arth, there are incentives for hard work and creativity, but there is also greater equality. People are not given equal opportunities because of nature, nurture and circumstances, we share the bounty so that everyone at least receives the essentials in life. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed (or lack thereof). Consenting adults can marry whomever they like, with all the rights and privileges that go with it.

On E.arth, everyone has a birthright to a share of the common wealth, so that there is a guaranteed minimum income, national health care, and education is provided through college. Because of these things, we don’t have welfare, social security, government handouts, homelessness, unemployment, or health care designed for profit instead of health.

On E.arth, we would have a full-reserve banking system. Money would be created by the government, for the benefit of the people, instead of being lent into existence by banks for private profit, growing debt, and ruinous boom/bust cycles. The taxpayers would not pay interest on Treasury bills and securities. There would be no national debt, no recessions, no depressions, and no unemployment. This debt-free economy would create wealth that would  reduce the economic burden on over 90% of us, and the quality of life for all. 

On E.arth, health, home, and many other kinds of insurance would be almost free, and paid for by spending money into existence by the Treasury. When money is created for productive or restorative activities, such as occurs when properties are rebuilt following damage or destruction, it is non-inflationary, and it creates jobs. 

On E.arth, people are more important than corporations.

On E.arth, there is no military-industrial-congressional complex.

On E.arth, there is no prison-industrial-congressional complex, and prisons are used for rehabilitation, education, and to protect others, but not used for punishment.

On E.arth, there is no drug war, because drugs are legalized, taxed and regulated, and all public advertising is banned for drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

On E.arth, there are no chronically homeless because we have villages for the adult homeless who cannot fit into society, or who need specialized care.

On E.arth, we are moving toward replacing the world’s 800 million motor vehicles with about one-eighth as many self-driving, shared-use, electric vehicles. This switchover will expand our choices because we will get the kind of vehicle we want, when we want it, for a fraction of the cost. It will also prevent 30 million casualties a year, vastly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and get rid of most of the parking lots, garages, and other headaches associated with car ownership.

On E.arth, all new towns and neighborhoods are compact pedestrian villages.

On E.arth, the goal of politics is bring the greatest good to the greatest number, in the most efficient manner, to this and future generations. Following this goal would ensure the Earth becomes better place for everyone.

For more on this, watch my campaign video: "I am the Very Model of a Pragmatic Humanitarian."

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