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How to Solve Chronic Adult Homelessness and Save Money

The proposal to build Tiger Bay Village on 80 acres in Volusia County is going before the Volusia County Council for a workshop and a vote in August. This project would address the problems that have kept the 476 social service agencies in our county from solving chronic adult homelessness. Please read the proposal and, if you agree, please send the council a letter letting them know they should donate the land—land already zoned for this purpose, next to an existing detox and mental health facility. 

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How to Solve Homelessness and Save Money

Today on BBC World Update, which will also be aired on NPR, Dan Damon presents a program on homelessness, which includes a segment on my proposed Tiger Bay Village, a pedestrian village for the homeless that would consolidate most of the two dozen homeless agencies in Volusia and Flagler counties and provide a permanent solution to adult homelessness.  The county-owned land, already zoned for group homes, is next to an existing drug rehab center.

I have donated my design services. An engineering firm has offered to do the civil engineering for free, and one person has offered to donate her entire estate for its funding. Ultimately, this would save money and solve the problem, yet the project has languished for 4  years because some of the key homeless agencies do not want to consolidate or cooperate, and the county has not yet donated the land. Tiger Bay Village would especially help the chronically homeless with mental disabilities, most of whom are either in prison or living on the streets. For those with substance abuse issues, the village could provide them with a critical 18 month period away from the dangers and temptations of the inner cities where they can recover.

Listen to the program and visit villagesforthehomeless.org for more information.

Please call your council members and let them know you want to see action on this project. Tiger Bay could become a model for other cities across the country, but so far the powers-that-be do not want to stick their necks out. Let’s change that and do some good.

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I Concede that the System Stinks

First, I want to thank the more than 18,400 voters who voted their first choice instead of the “lesser of two evils.” Thanks to my wife, Maya, and our daughter Sophie for persevering through the last eighteen months. Thanks to Al Krulick for being my running mate. Thanks to campaign volunteers John Dunn, Rob Field, Greg Gimbert, Yury Konnikov, Moe Alkire & family, Kenneth Storey, Samantha, Dan Collins, Dave Martin, Chantha, Melinda Clark, Jayne, Debra, Angela, Phyllis, Ty, Bonnie, Nancy, Fred, Susan, Hiliary and many others too numerous to list. Thanks also to Bobette, and all the people who put us up along the road during the Biking Mike tour of the state. Thanks to those who donated to our campaign and those who wrote about it in various  forums, blogs and articles.  A special thanks goes to film producer Steve Taylor, director Chris Ramsey and filmmakers Kate, Lisa and Gabriel who will help expose the dirty secrets of this election for posterity.

This is not your usual concession speech, because I concede that if there had been a level playing field the outcome of this election would be quite different.

I also concede that our American electoral process is about money and that the two-party candidates, and our so-called representatives, spend most of their time scheming to raise money or engaging in other forms of vote buying and influence peddling.

I concede that we do not live in a democracy, but a plutocracy, and that the financial elite has put one of their own into office yet again. Rick Scott will be Florida’s next governor despite a majority voting for someone else.

I also concede that it made little difference which of the two-party candidates won, and that if Alex Sink, a mixed-race female, had won it would have only put a gentler face on a dysfunctional system. Instead, Rick Scott bought the election with $73 million of his ill-gotten fortune and made a blatant attempt to pretty up the ticket by choosing a mixed-race female for his running mate. From winner-take-all to pay-to-play, Scott is now Exhibit A of what is wrong with our electoral system. 

I further concede that the Democratic Party has joined with the Republican Party to spoil our democracy, even while putting the spoiler label on principled outsiders like Ralph Nader.

Finally, I concede that our electoral system and the resulting policies have failed us and they must be reformed so we can have a government that brings the greatest good to the greatest number, in the most efficient manner, to this and future generation.  If this had been a fair election, the two-party millionaires would be making the concession speeches, and all of us would be winners.

Even though I concede these sad facts, I will not give up hope. Scott’s win could be a good thing for Florida and for our nation because he will remind us every day for the next four years why we need systemic reform.

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The Orlando Weekly endorses Michael E. Arth for Governor

The Orlando Weekly endorses independent Michael E. Arth for Governor of Florida

Yes, we know: Arth has neither money nor experience, and the book How to Build a Robot Army is on his coffee table. But keep this in mind: The guy pretty much single-handedly converted a DeLand drug slum into a legitimate neighborhood within the span of a year. His ideas are actually his own, and not only that, they’re good ideas. Given that Alex Sink left us underwhelmed, and that Rick Scott is, well, Rick Scott, we’re giving ourselves permission to follow our hearts on this one.

(Note: The rest of Florida’s major newspapers have chosen Alex Sink, apparently out of the “lesser of two evils” choice forced upon them by our archaic electoral system.)

As a modern day Robin Hood I aim to help restore the common wealth that was stolen from us.

After 18 months of campaigning for governor, the race is coming to an end. My efforts to change our dysfunctional system will go on no matter what the outcome of the election.  I have personally spent far more than I can afford, written a book, ridden 800 miles on a bicycle, and talked (and listened) more than I ever have in my life. All of this effort was to build the dialogue we need to have about finding solutions to poor leadership and even worse policies.

Barring some highly unexpected events, it is unlikely we will win this particular battle. The barriers put up by the two-party machine are formidable, and it will take continued efforts to bring us a representative democracy and rational policies.

A last minute donation will help me continue these efforts even after the campaign is over, but you only have until midnight tonight to make that donation. Please help now by clicking the link below so that someday we can take money out of electoral politics, and we can end influence peddling for good. 


My running mate and I will be on a two-hour talk show with no commercial interruptions TONIGHT Thursday, Oct. 28th from 9pm-11pm (EST)
Da Real Deal with Da Realest 1 on Blog Talk Radio

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Robin Hood Crashes the Sink-Scott Debate

The three rounds of televised bickering between Alex Sink and Rick Scott, punctuated by their blizzard of attack ads, are a travesty of a mockery of a sham. Last night, my running mate, Al Krulick, and I crashed the final Sink-Scott debate at the University of South Florida in Tampa. I dressed up as Robin Hood to represent the demand of the people for return of the common wealth that was taken from us by the robber barons and their two-party sycophants. 

Both Al and I made statements on microphone at the “Debate Watch Party,” followed by the moderator asking for a show of hands from the audience regarding who they thought took the debate. Her last offering, “none of the above” took the most votes, but whoever wins the state will still represent the special interests. 

The debates are only a small part of a corrupt system designed to eliminate outside challengers and preserve the status quo. As Robin Hood, I posed with cash-laden, flat wooden cutouts of the two millionaire candidates. I did this to illustrate that the rich have been stealing from the rest of us, and that we deserve an equitable, democratically representative government that is truly of, by and for the people. We can begin this process by exchanging the winner-take-all voting system with ranked choice majority voting (like much of the civilized world already uses), by taking private money out of politics, and by using ranked choice voting and proportional representation in congressional districts.

It seems that voters are lost in a surreal version of the Sherwood Forest where they cannot see the forest for the money trees. Two of those wooden decoys are flanking me, but they are only put there to distract voters and give the illusion of choice.  My focus is on the real cause—our electoral system—and I intend to do something about it.

To the electoral system I say: “I’ve got my eye on you, and I have a lot of arrows left in my quiver!” 

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Reality Check

  Today’s cover story in The Orlando Weekly

Last night, my running mate, Al Krulick, and I watched the debate between Alex Sink and Rick Scott. Both during and after the debate we conducted our own “alternative debate.” The first part of the debate, between the two millionaire, corporatist candidates, could not be heard because of technical difficulties. We could see the candidates but could not hear them. This was an unintended metaphor of our electoral process, which is all about putting up a smokescreen of appearances, while hiding anything of substance.

Speaking of reality, the Orlando Weekly just today published a front page article about me titled Reality Check, which outlines the sad realities of our electoral system in relation to my gubernatorial run. The paper is also expected to endorse me for governor in the next issue. Please read the article and contribute your comments.

We still have one more debate designed to induce you to “choose the lesser of two evils.” I will be attending the “Debate Watch Party” to discuss the evil of such a system as well talk about real issues. Please join us:

Monday, 25 October 2010 at the South Florida Tampa Campus. 6:30 to 8:30. (actual debate from 7 to 8)
University of South Florida
 Marshall Student Center, in the center of campus
The general address of the school is
4202 E. Flower Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33620


I will also be here:

Saturday, 23 October 2010, The SCPA Progressive Fest, 11-5 PM, at the Eau Gallie Civic Center, 1551 Highland Ave., Melbourne, FL. Link to more information.

Many of you have asked how you can help. The best way, other then sending much needed donations, is to spread the word through your email lists and through your social media, as well as through actual word of mouth, about my campaign.

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New TV Ad and the “Alternative Debates”

Dear supporters,

I would like you to know about my new campaign ad, which you can watch at TBO.com.

I also want you know about upcoming events during the 24 days we have until the November 2nd general election.

1. Tomorrow,  I will be speaking at the Electoral Forum on how we can fix our electoral system.

Where: Unitarian Universalist Society, 11648 McCulloch Rd. Orlando, FL 32817 MAP
What: Electoral Forum (Michael E. Arth and others)
When: Saturday 9 Oct 2010, 1-4 PM

2. Sunday, 10 October, I will be at Lake Eola Park in Orlando from 12-6 as a straight ally supporting GLBT rights in the “Come Out With Pride” event and parade.
You can see the flier for this event and read the Stand Up Florida endorsement for my campaign at the same link.

An excerpt: “There IS another choice and his name is Michael E. Arth. Michael is the Best-Kept Secret in Florida, and be assured that Alex Sink and Rick Scott hope to keep him that way by refusing to debate him and freezing him out of our democratic process. But with your help Michael, his dedicated team, and Stand Up Florida plan to break through the barriers set up to silence his voice for true change by his putting Principles Above Party!”

3. DEBATES: I was kept out of the official debates between Alex Sink and Rick Scott, but I will still debate their cardboard cutout effigies outside of the debate halls. Please mark your candidate come and support me on these dates (times to be announced soon) Please write me at michaelearth@michaelearth.org to let me know if you can make one of these alternative debates, so we can rendezvous.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010 at Nova S.E. University in Davie, FL (near Ft. Lauderdale)

Monday, 25 October 2010 at the South Florida Tampa Campus.

4. Saturday, 23 October 2010, The SCPA Progressive Fest, 11-5 PM, at the Eau Gallie Civic Center, 1551 Highland Ave., Melbourne, FL. Link to more information.

Many of you have asked how you can help. The best way, other then sending donations, is to spread the word through your email lists and through your social media, as well as through actual word of mouth, about my campaign. 

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MICHAEL’S E.ARTH: This is how things would be on my planet

E.arth is the honesty planet. Government is open and honest so it creates a more perfect union, and builds trust among people and nations.

On E.arth, the Earth is sacred. This is true for me even I though I follow no religion, and I take all dogmas metaphorically. We protect the land, the forests and the sea for current and future generations.

On E.arth, principles are above party and that is why I belong to no party.

On E.arth, we have a representative democracy so that government can be of, by, and for the people. We have ranked choice voting and proportional representation so there are no spoilers, no gerrymanders, and no vote strategizing. Elections are fair, and they cannot be bought because there are no paid lobbyists, no private campaign financing, and no campaign ads. There are no 527s or PACs. All candidates on E.arth get an informational website where candidates are required to put all the information that voters need to know. Debates are required of all candidates. Votes are publicly counted. Because of these things, the system attracts good leaders, instead of scoundrels, and we can trust them with our government.

On E.arth, there is zero or negative population growth, instead of 225,000 more people being added every day and contributing to immigration problems, pollution and struggles over dwindling resources. An ever-expanding base of consumers is not desirable on E.arth, because our economy is sustainable.

On E.arth, the thin layer of atmosphere that envelopes the Earth is kept sweet and clean. We don’t overheat the air with greenhouse gases and spoil it with noxious gases and chemicals.

On E.arth, there are incentives for hard work and creativity, but there is also greater equality. People are not given equal opportunities because of nature, nurture and circumstances, we share the bounty so that everyone at least receives the essentials in life. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or creed (or lack thereof). Consenting adults can marry whomever they like, with all the rights and privileges that go with it.

On E.arth, everyone has a birthright to a share of the common wealth, so that there is a guaranteed minimum income, national health care, and education is provided through college. Because of these things, we don’t have welfare, social security, government handouts, homelessness, unemployment, or health care designed for profit instead of health.

On E.arth, we would have a full-reserve banking system. Money would be created by the government, for the benefit of the people, instead of being lent into existence by banks for private profit, growing debt, and ruinous boom/bust cycles. The taxpayers would not pay interest on Treasury bills and securities. There would be no national debt, no recessions, no depressions, and no unemployment. This debt-free economy would create wealth that would  reduce the economic burden on over 90% of us, and the quality of life for all. 

On E.arth, health, home, and many other kinds of insurance would be almost free, and paid for by spending money into existence by the Treasury. When money is created for productive or restorative activities, such as occurs when properties are rebuilt following damage or destruction, it is non-inflationary, and it creates jobs. 

On E.arth, people are more important than corporations.

On E.arth, there is no military-industrial-congressional complex.

On E.arth, there is no prison-industrial-congressional complex, and prisons are used for rehabilitation, education, and to protect others, but not used for punishment.

On E.arth, there is no drug war, because drugs are legalized, taxed and regulated, and all public advertising is banned for drugs, alcohol and tobacco.

On E.arth, there are no chronically homeless because we have villages for the adult homeless who cannot fit into society, or who need specialized care.

On E.arth, we are moving toward replacing the world’s 800 million motor vehicles with about one-eighth as many self-driving, shared-use, electric vehicles. This switchover will expand our choices because we will get the kind of vehicle we want, when we want it, for a fraction of the cost. It will also prevent 30 million casualties a year, vastly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and get rid of most of the parking lots, garages, and other headaches associated with car ownership.

On E.arth, all new towns and neighborhoods are compact pedestrian villages.

On E.arth, the goal of politics is bring the greatest good to the greatest number, in the most efficient manner, to this and future generations. Following this goal would ensure the Earth becomes better place for everyone.

For more on this, watch my campaign video: "I am the Very Model of a Pragmatic Humanitarian."

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Mason-Dixon Poll - Urgent Action Required

"Michael E. Arth is one of our generation’s Thomas Jeffersons in many ways. In addition to his work as a policy analyst, he went into a crack-infested community that was scheduled for demolition and not only saved it, but turned it into a prosperous, happy, healthy place to raise children.  If he can do that on a small scale, what can he do in the whole state of Florida? This is the kind of visionary thinker and problem-solver we need.  I’m convinced that if Michael were simply heard by Floridians, he would be elected governor of Florida. I fully support him as the only reasonable choice. If all our leaders were like Michael, we would be living in Utopia."

  —David Cobb, 2004 Green Party Presidential Candidate, Principal with Program on Corporations Law & Democracy and spokesperson for MovetoAmend.org.

Whatever your political beliefs are, you will surely agree that the public has the right to hear me debate the two-party candidates. If we had a level playing field, I would probably win this race. However, because the system is rigged in many ways, most Floridians have not even heard about me.

Here is your chance to put me on stage with Alex Sink and Rick Scott so the voters can make their own side-by-side comparisons.

A Mason-Dixon poll, starting today and continuing for several days, will ask voters who they would vote for if the election were held today. No matter who you would vote for in the general election on November 2nd, please choose Michael E. Arth in order to ensure that I poll at least 11%. If I’m over the threshold, I’ll be in the debates. If not, I won’t and we will all lose a valuable opportunity to enjoy a small taste of democracy.

The key to making the 11% is for you to copy this message and email it NOW to everyone on your email list, no matter where they live, and ask them to forward it NOW to everyone they know. Within one day we could reach enough Florida voters to make a difference.

Michael E. Arth for Florida Governor website.

The three candidates

(Source: michaelearth.org)

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Some Videos

1. Here is a short video about how we hire our leaders to do some of the most important jobs in the country on the basis of how many yard signs they buy. Campaign Signs 2010

2. This is a video done with me by the Hometown Democracy supporters in support of Amendment 4:

3. Chris Ramsey edited this campaign video captured from New Urban Cowboy:

Michael E. Arth for Florida Governor.

4. Chris also shot this video of my campaign video that plays homage to Bob Dylan in the 1960s documentary, Don’t Look Back.

Here are the lyrics to the campaign video:

"I am the Very Model of a Pragmatic Humanitarian"

Music by Gilbert & Sullivan / Arrangement by Howard Ferguson
Vocals by Lara Larberg and Michael E. Arth / Lyrics by Michael E. Arth

1.  My name is Michael Arth. This is why I’m running for Governor.
                              (Clears throat)

2.  I am the very model of a pragmatic humanitarian.

3.  I’m combination designer, philosopher and utilitarian.

4.  I know the presidents and can debate their merits rhetorical

5.  From Washington to Obama, in order categorical.

6.  I have some acquaintance, too, with matters mathematical

7.  Regarding ideas for family planning and taxes that are logical.

8.  I study things deep, arcane or even topical

9.  In application to helpful things that are quite practical

10.  Like build a house, design a town, or steer the ship of state.


11.  He can build a house, design a town, or steer the ship of state.

12.  He can build a house, design a town, or steer the ship of state.

13.  He can build a house, design a town, or steer the ship of
Florida’s state

14.  And with electoral reform there will be positive synergy,

15.  To bring new leaders and ideas that will clean up our democracy.

16.  In short, I’m a designer, philosopher, and utilitarian

17.  I am the very model of a pragmatic humanitarian.


18.  In short, he’s a designer, philosopher, and utilitarian.

19.  He is the very model of a pragmatic humanitarian.

20.  The two parties say that it’s about the power and the gold

21.  The rights and privileges we deserve have been sold.

22.  Campaign advisors say to speak nothing of this autocracy

23.  Keep voters clapping with compliments and pleasantry

24.  They say to tell people simple things they want to hear

25.  Or misdirect them with all kinds of things built on fear

26.  Like terrorism, socialism, death squads, and they’ll take your

27. Carry a cross, wave the flag, beware of the drugs-and the bums!

28. And  don’t forget to say that you going to cut the tax.

29. Remember that unless you lie about these things, you’ll get the


30. Gimme your money, the power-keep the status quo-forget the
31. Gimme your money, the power-keep the status quo-forget the
32. Gimme your money, the power-keep the status quo-forget the

33.  No more spoilers, gerrymanders, vote strategizing or

34.  No unfair voting, pay-for-play or paid lobbyists to host.

35.  In short I’m combination designer, philosopher and utilitarian.

36.  I am the very model of a pragmatic humanitarian.


37.  In short he’s a designer, philosopher, and utilitarian,

38.  He is the very model of a pragmatic humanitarian.

39.  We should stop building prisons and end the War on Drugs

40.  It’s unconstitutional, doesn’t work, costs a lot, and makes more

41.  It’s a crime made of things not criminal, said Lincoln of

42.  It’s a distraction from something truly bad, like a stinkin’

43.  Or an energy policy based on war, pollution, debt and corporate

44.  Our growth policies have created a suburban nation.

45.  Our conglomerating media is based on tabloidization

46.  If it bleeds it leads and if it thinks it stinks beyond

47. This happens because fairness is something we fail to

48. Therefore representative democracy is something we must


49. Representative democracy is something we must contemplate.

50. Representative democracy is something we must contemplate.

51. Representative democracy is something we must

52. The election is near so I will do my best to endure and strive

53. And even if I lose this time the ideas will remain and we’ll

54.  Because I am a designer, philosopher and utilitarian

55.  I am the very model of a pragmatic humanitarian


56.  Because he is a designer, philosopher and utilitarian

57.  He is the very model of a pragmatic humanitarian.

58.  Democracy! Yes! Michael Arth! A leader and ideas we deserve.

59.  It’s up to us, after all! This time we have a choice!

60.  Michael Arth for Governor!

Other portals:

Personal Facebook page

Campaign Facebook page

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